What Are Classic Leggings


This article looks at the ways in which classic leggings have made a comeback in 21st century fashion and how they have changed and adapted to fit in with current styles.

The massive fashion craze that is leggings has been struck by many girls. So many girls go for them but why do they instead of having normal pants.

The legging is a clothing that covers the leg and is very tight. It can be worn by both men and women but generally the majority of people who wear them are woman. They can be made in many patterns and colours and the materials used are cotton, spandex and nylon.

The leggings history goes back to the Renaissance era when the main use was protection and warmth. Other countries were reached by them at that time including the Scottish highlands for trews which thought they were good to wear. The earliest form of leggings was worn by the Native Americans.

If you look closely at cowboys in various books and films you will notice that they also wore leggings. There was another role excluding warmth and comfort. They wore them to protect from chapping which was caused by riding and the wear and tear to their pants and the risk of bites from animals.

You still find men and women wearing wool leggings in this day and age but only in countries like Russia and Korea where its cold. Soldiers used leggings in the 19th century playing a much greater role. To stop mud and dirt from getting in, infantry used them for footwear. Excellent ankle support was also provided. They were first held by strings and straps until puttes were replaced as they looked like a type of bandage around the lower half of the leg. It proved to be a big success and probably contributed to men winning wars and battles.

It wasn’t until the 1960s when leggings were started to be used for a fashion purpose. Promotions by celebrities and pop stars helped popularize leggings by the end of the decade. Capris pants were like them but much tighter.

They made a comeback in 2005 and now nearly every girl wheres them these days. Leggings are one of the most versatile fashion items, allowing you to dress them up or down to fit any occasion, providing you with a stylish outfit without too much effort or expense.

Source by Katy Q