The Trend of Jeggings Comes after Legging Fever

washed-jeans-leggings-in-grayYou must know Leggings. But do you know Leggings or shants? Well, simply, Leggings + Jeans = Jeggings, Sheer+Pants=Shants. When a new word appears, there is a new trend in fashion circles. It could be a new fashion element, a fashion trend or just a short fad. And how about Jeggings that boast greater comfort and better shaping effect than Skinny Jeans. And how to select a pair of Jeggings?

From the beginning to now,Leggings have big breakthrough either on colors or models. However, when leggings flood all over streets, people begin to get sick of them. The fad of leggings fades away while the trend of jeggings seems to take shape. And why fashion magazines regards Jeggings the most strange fashion trend in this autumn/winter.

The so-called jeggings are actually denim leggings.They are flexible and very comfortable to put on. And what is more important, they naturally show you legs. Like leggings, jeggings varies in models and colors. If you are not satisfied with the classic denim, you have lot of other options: water-wash pattern, tie-dyed, purest denim or jeggings with leather back pockets or metal heel pads. You have to admit that the strong waves of jeggings is coming very close.

However, many women feel uncomfortable before Skinny Jeans, let alone jeggings. They are afraid to expose their thick legs. However, jeggings are very popular among mother-to-be and become the top choices of Charlotte-style fashion mothers. In consideration of baby, mothers should choose these comfortable jeggings that show lines also. But since Beyonce was questioned and criticized when she showed up in paired of Jeggning. Even sexy Beyonce was questioned, how other choose jeggings and make perfect match?

Here are some tips:1. match jeggings with loose and long clothes instead of tight wear. 2. the original denim would be a safe solution for the first buying; 3. check the lustrousness material and the stitching. Remember, quality is very important. 4. check elasticity of the material. The good elastic material should be skin-tight. And it must be very fit at  the belt line position


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