Quality Leggings and Legwear Information


These days a major piece of clothing mainly among women is the legging. They can give you an athletic look and often mixed with other items of clothing can be very easy on the eye. Leggings can be found in various colors, some stretchy, some tight, but generally very appealing to the onlooker. Terrific combinations with leggings such as skirts thigh length boots, snazzy belts and buckles and leather jackets, will all be easily accepted as nice attire. Leggings come in various materials including denim, spandex, lycra, cotton and stretch denim, the satin look is great and will be a terrific addition to a well suited female.

Other leggings can have prints on them, literally anything goes, from Mickey mouse to the paisley pattern, if you choose to where Mickey mouse leggings with a nice skirt you are likely to look like a complete lemon, I also think that 90% of patterned leggings will make you look a bit of a plank so you should choose wisely. Even if you are a victim to fashion, you don’t have to pay to much to look good in a nice pair of leggings.

Women often wear leggings to hide blemishes, or nasty veins and large legs, they are ideal for this and as said before can look great if worn properly. Wool leggings are fantastic for keeping you worm in the chilly weather, men such as postal workers and window cleaners wear nice thick leggings in the colder weather, and for other activities like walking and gardening, thus replacing the old sweatpants, they are also often worn in the London electro-music scene as a fashion item.

Typically leggings are ankle length, but some completely encase the foot as a sock would, whereas some are stirruped, to stop them riding up your legs. Cowboys wore leggings to protect themselves from chapping, caused by riding their horses and from bites from animals and insects, such as ticks. A contributory part of the legging being accepted in modern society was the fitness and aerobics craze of the early 1980s.

There is newer addition to the legging, and that is the “Jegging”, A kind of mix between the legging and the jean, including the color and the seam down the side, to make it more of an accessory in today’s ever changing fashion world

Wearing leggings under long skirts, was a big part of wearing Gym and Dance clothes attire for the streets that came thro’ with the fitness craze, that was linked in no small way to the dance movie “Flashdance”, But whatever you decide, and how you decide to wear them, be sure that if you show to much of your buttocks, there is likely to be a visible panty line.

Source by Dave Carr