Leggings, ultimate in comfort and style for your wardrobe

2014-elastic-plus-size-legging-candy-color-neon-viscose-pants-women-s-tights-2-fitness-leggingToday’s modern woman lead busy lifestyles and play many different roles, juggling them all simultaneously. I know because I’m one of them. When it comes to wardrobe, there are a few indispensables including the little black dress for special occasions, business clothes for work and the traditional mix and match pieces to maximize my wardrobe. One of the most amazing creations in the clothing industry, in my opinion, has got to be jeggings. I was excited when I bought my first pair of leggings because of their versatility, but my first pair of leggings proved to be a turning point in our culture.

Why leggings?

I like to add leggings and jeggings to my clothing wardrobe because they make me feel comfortable yet confident for most occasions. This is because of the diversity of design, color and styles that are made. There are so many to choose from that it is easy to find the perfect pair for nearly any occasion, just check out Leggings-Fit-Style

Workout clothing

Leggings make great workout bottoms because they stretch and move along with you. They are one of the least restrictive types of workout clothes on the market. Whether you’re involved in low key exercise or more vigorous routines, your leggings will give you the support that you need without getting in the way like some gym or sweat pants may.


I wear my jean-look jeggings on outings such as hiking, fishing and camping. They are stylish, yet more comfortable than traditional jeans. They are lightweight for greater ease when walking, climbing or jogging. The material does not get heavy when it gets wet and it dries quickly for added convenience when you’re wading across a stream. I get a lot of compliments from other women, not to mention the guys looking, who like the look and wish that they felt as comfortable on camping trips.


I cannot emphasize how comfortable leggings are enough. I was a little concerned because of a surge in weight a few years ago. The spare tire around my waist was becoming noticeable, but after some shopping around, I found several pairs of leggings that came with tummy control fabric that actually had a slimming effect, with no rolls or bulges showing through. These comfy leggings not only provided some much needed support, but they also helped me to feel more confident in my overall appearance.


Jeggings can help to emphasize certain parts of your body, giving you a shapely appearance. They can be worn with a variety of different tops. I wear black leggings with sexy tops and heels when I want to feel exotic and turn up the sex appeal.


You have many options for putting together a variety of casual outfits for nearly any occasion with jeggings. Whether it’s a luncheon with friends, a dinner party, school play, evening at the movies or grocery shopping for the week, leggings are appropriate and make good accessories for putting together casual outfits.

The most used pieces in my wardrobe are my jeggings and leggings. They are easy to maintain and come in an assortment of styles, colors and designs that fit in with practically any occasion. They make dressing more easy and fun, and I wouldn’t trade my new found comfort for anything. If you are looking for an excellent wardrobe accessory that is suitable for any occasion, I suggest adding a few pair of leggings from Leggings-Fit-Style.

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