How to wear leggings if you’re plus-size

product-detailThe key is choosing the right pair of plus size leggings. Remember, leggings are not pants and should not be worn as such – leggings look best when layered with dresses, tunics, jackets, skirts, shorts and other pieces. Wearing them with short t-shirts and blouses can make you look like you just left the gym and forgot to change your pants.

Leggings come in different lengths – from ankle length to Capri to the more difficult-to-pull-off knee-length. Short girls should avoid Capri leggings, as they cut across the legs and make you appear even shorter.

When it comes to choosing colours, look for plain, darker colours that you can pair with brightly patterned tops and dresses. Patterned leggings – especially the bold styles in fashion now – will make your legs look larger. Avoid skin-toned leggings – these make you look naked.

Choose high-quality leggings. Cheaper styles will sag after several washes, which doesn’t look pretty. Many cheaper high street stores copy designer styles but change details, which can turn an flattering legging style into a slouchy, unflattering pair. Watch out for knee details – these cut your legs and make your appear shorter and wider.

When choosing clothes to layer with your leggings, remember that you can hide your least favourite lumps and bulges with a tunic or dress. Jagged hems and layered details add interest to your upper body, as do carefully-chosen patterns. Remember, don’t pair tight, short tops and jackets with leggings – you want something loose on top to balance your outfit.

With the right outfit, even curvy girls can enjoy plus size leggings. Don’t be afraid – leggings are here to stay!


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