How to Rock Vinyl Leggings

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Leggings, tights and skinny pants are easy to pull off. They are always trendy and flattering, as they make the wearer look a few sizes slimmer and a few inches taller. Vinyl leggings, known for their liquid and metallic color, are the hardest to wear because of its ultra body conscious fit. Remember that with leggings, it’s all about getting the right and most flattering silhouette. Here are a few tips in order to rock the latest trend with ease and self confidence.

Try donning oversized blouses over vinyl leggings. Go for neutral and metallic colored tops that go below the hip or longer. You can even pair it with a complementary belt for added texture. You can also wear a blouse in bright colors and fun prints to draw attention to the blouse. Finish it with stilettos, boots or a pair of ballerina flats.

If oversized isn’t your thing, then you may prefer tunic tops. Pair off vinyl leggings with gold or metal colored tunics plus a great pair of gold, silver or black gladiator sandals to look like a modern day Greek goddess. High heels are also a good idea, it will look like your legs are endless.

Vinyl leggings are tricky when worn with regular tops. Normal or broad legs will look chunky and broad while skinny legs skeleton like! Unless you’re really careful, stick to tops, dress or tunic that goes below mid thigh.

How to look most flattering with the leggings? Vinyl is available only in black, so it is very slimming as it gives the appearance of leaner legs. If you are more adventurous, try textured, patterned and distressed styles to suit your personality. Texture and pattern draws attention to the lower half of the body, making the legs appear heavier.

This season’s ‘in style’ top is the one shoulder or off shoulder top. The one shoulder top makes you look sexy without showing too much skin. However, avoid looking too heavy by choosing a top that ends on the waist. Choose complementary colors such as metallic, neutral or textured one shoulder blouses. Pair your outfit with black or leather stilettos to rock the look.

Put an effort in accessorizing. Great accessories include gold or silver dangling earrings, long and tough rock necklaces and wide cuffs. Finish the look with a handbag either in black or in silver.

It’s good to note that everyone can wear leggings, even if you have great legs or not. The leggings are available in various lengths: the most popular is those that reach the ankle, while some under the knee and under the calf. Vinyl leggings are perfect for a girl’s night out, a special date, or to a big, wild party. Keep in mind that this type of leggings only looks good on night events. Wearing them in the morning to school, work or to the mall will make you look gaudy and a bit overdressed. Wear it only on the right occasion to avoid being alerted by the fashion police.

Source by Lindsey Jenkins